Community Legal Advisors provides
legal services to homeowners associations
throughout San Diego, Orange County, and the Inland and Coachella Valleys

Members of our legal team have served as association managers, created residential and commercial community associations on behalf of developers, negotiated terms and conditions of CC&Rs with the California Department of Real Estate, advised the State Legislature regarding the new legislation, taught industry education courses, advised community associations in their daily operations and litigated conflicts between associations and their vendors, insurers and members.

Our Commitment

To provide the highest quality assistance, service and representation using the diverse and extensive background experience of our legal team.

Practice Areas

General Counsel

Community Legal Advisors provides guidance to HOA Board of Directors boards navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding Homeowner Association law.Learn More »

Civil Litigation

Often the most effective method to fill its obligation is through litigation.Learn More »

Court Appointed Receiver

Our attorney’s understand how to fix “broken” condominium and other subdivision projects and reinstate DRE approvals to sell property to the public.  There are times when it is necessary for a Court to appoint a 3rd party as a receiver to take over day-today operations.Learn More »

Assessment Collections

The key to maximizing collection results lies in making a preliminary analysis of the owner’s financial situation up front, then selecting and implementing the strategy which is most likely to result in success.Learn More »


Latest News

Post Petition Assessments Are Now Uncollectible Following Certain Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

It is now against the law to attempt to collect assessments from a debtor who has successfully obtained a... Read More

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