COVID Update: State PARTIALLY Reverses Order: Outdoor Playgrounds May Open

A couple days ago, we informed you about the State of California’s new “Regional Stay-at-Home Order” which is in effect in all of Southern California until at least December 28, 2020.

The State has announced one important change to the restrictions contained in the Order.  While the Order initially required all indoor and outdoor playgrounds to close, the State has received numerous complaints about how this restriction discriminates against children.  Thus, the State has reversed its decision: outdoor playgrounds may continue to operate in Southern California.  The State’s COVID website states that outdoor playgrounds may open “to facilitate physically distanced personal health and wellness through outdoor exercise.”

If you decide to reopen your playground, please comply with the State’s guidance dated November 20, 2020 which you can view here, as well as any local guidelines. 

For a summary of the other restrictions currently in effect pertaining to pools, hot tubs, gyms, and clubhouses, please view our prior Client Alert.

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Community Legal Advisors Inc.

Michael J. Alti, Esq.