No on Prop 15

Proposition 15 is an attempt to raise property taxes by an
estimated 12 billion dollars a year by overturning many of
the protections contained in Proposition 13. California
residents are already some of the highest-taxed citizens in
the country. We are in the midst of an unprecedented
economic crisis and a global pandemic and don’t need our
politicians removing another $12 billion out of the economy.
This will be the largest tax increase in California history at a
time when we can’t afford it.
With Prop 15, the government will be allowed to raise
commercial property taxes at will. Each year, every
household will see its costs go up. With an increase in
property taxes of over $12,000,000,000 in the first year
alone, small family, female and minority-owned businesses
will be disproportionately hurt. Additionally, higher taxes
placed onto businesses will then be placed onto the
consumer. This will increase the cost of everything we buy:
food, fuel, utilities, daycare, health care, car repair, clothes,
your storage rent, and more. Lastly, Prop 15 is estimated to
dissipate more than 120,000 jobs, which would make an
already high unemployment rate skyrocket even further.

We urge you to Vote No on Prop 15 on Election Day!